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To access your System’s website, enter:

Once there, enter your System number in the box in the middle of the page. e.g. 42, 156, etc. You will be taken to the Login screen: NOTE: If you are using a Candidate Edition, use their 4 digit names. e.g. 1028, 1003, etc.

First Time Login
Your Victory VoIP Provider should have given you a username to log into the site. The first time you log in to your Victory VoIP website, enter your username and leave the password blank. The site will prompt you to create a password. 

After logging in for the first time you will see the Configuration screen.  Please fill out all the fields.  Once you have all the fields filled out click Save Configuration and all the tabs will open up at the top.

Creating a Volunteer.
1. Click on “Volunteers”
2. Click “Add New Volunteer”
3. Insert name and assign a pin number
4. Click “Add User”

If the user is going to have access to the website just click on there name make a username for the Volunteer.  We like to use first initial last name.  Then select the User Status.

Report Only User-This user can only log into the website to Run Reports.
Standard User-This user can run Reports, as well as create new Users to make calls on the system.
Upgraded User-This user can Run Reports, Create New Users, and also make Calling Campaigns and Robo-Call Campaigns.
Auto Survey User-This user can Run Reports, Create new Users, create Call Campaigns Robo-Calls and Auto-Survey Campaigns.

Instructions for Volunteers
We recommend giving the following instructions to your volunteers, along with their script.

1. Press the Phone Bank button 2x (pressing it 1x will put the phone in DND, Do Not Disturb mode). See picture below.

2. Enter your PIN and push “Done”.

3. Using the up-down arrow keys (picture below), scroll to your calling campaign. Select it by pressing the right arrow key.

4. If this is the first time you are accessing this campaign, you may need to record a voice message.  
a) When presented with “Record Voicemail”, press the “Record” button.
b) You will hear a beep. Speak your message.
c)When done, press “Done” or “Main Menu”

5. To make a call, push “Next Call”

6. Your screen will now show the person’s name, along with several options:
a) “Leave VM” - Press this the moment you know you have reached the person’s voice mail. After pressing this, you can immediately continue with a “Next
b) “Success” - Press if someone pics up the phone.
• The screen with show the first question. After
asking the question, press the button next to the
correct response. Continue on, and complete the
rest of the questions.
• When done press “End Call” to return back to the
main menu.
• Continue on with “Next Call”
c) “Refused” - Indicates the person would not participate in the poll. Press “End Call”, then “Next Call” to continue.
d) “Bad Num” - Press if the number is disconnected, or otherwise not working. Press “End Call”, then “Next Call” to continue.
e) “Busy” - If a busy signal is reached. Press “End Call”, then “Next Call” to continue.

f) “Not Home” - Press if the person you need to reach is unavailable. Press “End Call”, then “Next Call” to continue.

7. When you are done, press “Logout” from the main menu.

How do I clone an existing Campaign?

1) First you want to click on the Campaign Name that you want to copy
2) In the middle of the screen there will be a box labeled Create Campaign Archive File, you want to click on the Save Archive File to My Computer. Remember where your computer is going to save the file.
3) Then you want to go back to the main Campaign page and click Add New Campaign.
4) Then you will be given two options. Option 1 Name your Campaign or option 2 Import Calling Campaign Archive File.
5) We want to choose option 2, click browse and locate the file we saved on your computer. Once you find the file click open and then Import Calling Campaign.
6) Note the questions will be copied over if you have jumps set up on the questions those will need to be set up again.
7) All you have left to do is upload your list of phone numbers and check the box to Activate the Campaign and it is ready to start.

How do I copy a Voicemail from one Campaign to another?
1) First from the main Campaign page you want to open the Campaign that has the Voicemail you want to copy.
2) At the bottom of the page there is a section labeled Candidate Voicemail Management, in Blue Letters it says Play the Current Candidate Voicemail. If you Right Click on that and select Save Link As. You can name it and save it to your computer. Remember where your computer saved the file to.
3) Next you want to go back to the Main Campaign Page and open the Campaign you want to upload the Voicemail to.
4) In the same area labeled Manage Your Candidate Voicemail click the browse button and find the .wav file that you saved to your computer and select open.
5) Then you will want to click Upload New .wav or .mp3 File.
6) You should see the box change and say last updated with the current date and time.

Q: What happens if there is more than one voter who has the same phone number?
A: Duplicate phone numbers will be deleted per calling campaign. As each phone number is processed by the Victory VoIP system for inclusion into a Calling Campaign, it is scrubbed against every other number in ~that specific~ Call Campaign. If the number is found to already exist, all subsequent instances are ignored by the processing engine. This ensures that a household will not receive three or four calls from the one calling campaign in the same evening. This approach focuses on calling and collecting information per household instead of per individual. If households do complain that they have been receiving multiple calls from a Campaign, check your lists. You will find that you have multiple Campaigns in the system with the same phone numbers.

Q: Does the Victory VoIP System eliminate people on the “Do Not Call list”?
A: It is the responsibility of the Campaign to not add Voters who are listed on the “Do Not Call List.”

Q: How do you duplicate the Survey from one System to a second System at different HQ Office Location?
A: It is possible for you to duplicate a Campaign Script from one System and then upload that Script to another System at another location. First, click on the Campaign Name. On the right hand side under the time zone drop box there is a box titled "Create Campaign Archive File". If desired change the file name and then click on "Save Archive File to My Computer". This will save the questions for the Survey you want to duplicate. On the other System, click "Add New Campaign" from the main listing page. You will see a box that is titled, "Import Victory VoIP Campaign from Archive." Click on "Choose File" and select the saved Campaign. Next, click "Import Campaign". Double check that the questions have been added and fix any of the skips or jump to options as they may or may not have been transferred over.

Q: How many Robo-Calls can my System produce?
A: Your system can only generate 5,000-7,000 MAX Robo-Calls per hour (depending on the connection).

Q: What is the best way to provide an Intro and Outro script for Volunteers?
A: You may want to consider providing a printed copy of your Intro, Questions, and Outro for your Volunteers. While the questions are on the phone, some Volunteers may find it helpful to see the questions listed out in sequence with the Intro and Outro message.

Q: Is my voter data backed up?
A: An entire backup of all customer specific data is sent to backup servers on the internet twice each day, at approximately 3pm and midnight. This data is your best best insurance policy ensuring quick and efficient disaster recovery. If the System is busy making calls, backups will be delayed until the system senses that call traffic has stopped. For this reason, we always recommend that your System is left turned on throughout its life on your premise.

Q: Why does a Robo-Call sound different on my cell phone than the office phone?
A: Cell phones and land lines react differently by default to a Robo-Call. The Robo-Call calculates and determines what type of an answer they are receiving (live call or voice mail) before playing the message, and therefore you may find that there is a longer delay on one of your phones.

Q: Can any of my Victory VoIP phones receive inbound calls?
A: Yes. Victory VoIP Tech Support can help you setup one or more of your phones to receive incoming phone calls. Tech Support will need the following information:
The area code and exchange you would like to use as the incoming call number. Numbers are based on what is available.
At least one phone extension to assign the inbound number to ring to.
Allow 24 hours for this number to be provisioned.

Q: What database is compatible with the Victory VoIP phone system?
A: Any database that can export and import via excel can be used with the Victory VoIP phones. The type of external database you are using will determine the format you will select to import your call universe to Victory VoIP. There are a number of external database systems available that campaigns use to keep track of their voter data.

Q: Can multiple people use the same Pin Number to log in to make calls on the phones?
A: We do not recommend that Volunteers share Pin Numbers to make phone calls. Phone calls made by each Volunteer are tracked using the Pin Number and therefore to gather accurate results for each Volunteer and his or her calls made, Pin Numbers must be unique. If there is a Volunteer who makes calls on a different system they may have the same Pin Number used on different phone systems. DO NOT allow one or more Volunteers to share Pin Numbers, use the same Pin Number at the same time. This can cause your system to slow down while making calls or create a delay when making a call.

Q: How can I adjust the volume on the phone so my volunteers can hear?
A: To adjust the phone volume, simply log out of the phone completely to where it says Phone Bank in the top left corner. From there pick up the receiver and then adjust the volume by using the volume keys on the phone, they are on the bottom left corner of the phone next to the * symbol.

Q: My phones are timing out. What does this mean?
A: This can be caused by two things. The first is if you have a larger phone bank and have many people making calls at once, you may be over utilizing your phones beyond what your Internet speed can handle. Call the Tech Support Sta$

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