Creating Call Campaigns

Creating a Call Campaign
First you will want to click Add New Campaign.
Then you want to name the Campaign and set the Caller ID. Phones will not dial out if there is not a Caller ID in the Campaign and the phone number needs to be associated with your Campaign.
In a newly created New Campaign, notice in the Script column that “Script Required” appears in red. 

Click on the red “Script Required” and be taken to the “Script Name”  page. In the blank box, enter a simple title. Useful Script Names are: Volunteer Voter ID, Live Calls-5questions Live GOTV, etc. When done, click “Continue” where you will be taken to the following: 

In the above, the first question has already been entered “Q1- Do you plan on voting in November?” Also, “3” was entered in the box below, indicating that there will be 3 responses.  You must have at least 2 responses and can have up to 9 choices for one question.  When done, hit “Save Question” and be taken to:

Observe that the 3 responses have been filled in (max 10 characters per response). Also note that Choice #2 had the “Jump to” option changed to “End of Script.” This way, if “No” is recorded by the volunteer, no further questions will be asked, and the call can end.  Click “Save Choices” and proceed to:

Again, the question has already been entered, and this time, 2 responses are intended. Click “Save Question” and complete the Choices. 

When done, click “Save Choices”, and find yourself here:

Since this is only a 2 question survey, click “Discard and Continue” to end this process. You will then find yourself reviewing your entire survey:

If anything is wrong
Click (Edit) and make your corrections.  A few Notes about the above:
• Word questions carefully. What you type in is what volunteers will see on their Victory VoIP phones, when making calls.  
• Help the volunteers keep track- Prefix each question with it’s number. ie. Q1, Q2, etc. • It is best to enter any “Jump To” commands after you have entered all the questions. Use (Edit) to add these changes.
• You can only “Jump To” forward, never backward to previous questions. • Up to 8 responses are possible for any question.
• To add another question, click on “Add a new question or comment” • To delete a question, click on “Remove Questions”, then choose from the options presented. 

Uploading a Call List:

(a.k.a. Data list, Phone list)
The next step is going to be uploading your Call List.  To add the Call List, you will first need to decide on a format. There are the choices:
1. Victory VoIP (see below screen-shot)
2. Nation Builder
3. Data Center Household Format
4. Data Center Individual Format
All of these can be loaded as .XLS, or .CSV files (.CSV is a faster upload). 


NOTE: Not all of the columns need to be populated, except for the Phone column. Here, you must use a 10 digit phone number.  Any standard phone format will work: (216) 555-1234, 2165551234, 216-555-1234, etc.

Regardless of the three data formats you choose, the method of upload is the same. In this example, we will continue to use the Victory VoIP format.  Starting from the Campaigns List Page.

Click on “Browse” and locate your properly formatted .CSV or .XLS phone data, then “Upload”. You can also click on “Add more files” if you have additional files to upload. All of the phone numbers will be uploaded and duplicates eliminated. (See below)

Once your file is selected click the upload and then it will show you how many numbers have been added.

The above shows actual results: 22919 records were attempted and after automatically removing duplicates, and improperly formatted numbers, 22033 were successfully uploaded.

Making a Call:

Start by pressing the Phone Bank button twice:
• Pressing it once puts the phone in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode for incoming calls.
• The second press will take you to the login screen.  Then, login to the phone with your pin number.

Now that you are logged in, let’s breakdown what each button does:
• Nxt Call- Dial the next phone number on your call campaign
• Play VM- Listen to your campaign voicemail
• Campaign- Campaign selection screen
• Log Out- Log your volunteer pin number out of the phone
• Recrd VM- Record your campaign voicemail
• Man Dial- Manually dial a certain number

To make a call, just press, “Nxt Call.”
Once the call goes out, it will bring up a screen with the voter’s name and phone number, as well as the following call options:
• Leave VM- Press this button as soon as a voicemail picks up to leave your prerecorded voicemail
• Success- Press Success when you have the voter on the line. Your script will automatically come up on the screen.
• Refused- If the voter refuses to take the call or survey
• Bad Num- If it is a fax number or a wrong number
• Busy- If the call rings a busy tone, or isn’t picked up by a voicemail
• Not Home- Press this button if the voter is unavailable and no answering machine or voicemail picks up.


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