Creating Robocall Campaigns

Creating a Robocall / Autocall Campaign

Once logged in, you will see the Campaigns List Page. In the below screen-shot, no campaigns are yet added. As you add new campaigns, they will appear in numerical order.


Next click the Add New Campaign button and get the following:

On this page, input the following:
1- Calling Campaign Name. This should be something with a name and date that is easy to understand. For example: Joe Schmo’s Voter ID Likely Voter List 8/1.

2- Caller ID Number. NOTE: A number should already appear here. It is the system-wide default Caller ID, input by your team. You can change it. If you do change it, keep in mind it is likely many people will try to call this number back- - plan accordingly. The number you input can be represented in any normal phone format. Typically it is: 2165551234, or 216 555 1234, or (216) 555-1234.

3- If you need a new Caller ID, contact us.

4- BE SURE TO CLICK “Save Calling Campaign”, to lock in any additions or changes you’ve made to this page.

After clicking the Save Calling Campaign button, you will be automatically taken back to the Campaigns List Page, where your new Campaign will appear: 

The above screen-shot shows the new campaign:
Joe Schmo for Cong. 7/30 BBQ invitation.

Next you will add the Audio and the Phone list (doesn’t matter which one first)

Adding Audio:
To add the Audio, you must first record it. There are two general ways of doing this:

1- Call the Victory VoIP Recording Line we provide you and follow the instructions there. The .wav file will be automatically emailed to us. If you do not have a Victory VoIP Recording Line, contact us for one.

2- Alternatively, you can make your own recording using whatever means you have at hand.

3- IMPORTANT: Once the recording is done, it must be formatted as a .wav with the following characteristics: PCM Uncompressed, 8000Hz, 16bit, Mono. We find that either WavePad or Audacity audio editing software works very well for this.

WavePad Download:

Audacity Download: 

Upload Audio: Once satisfied with the Audio, upload it to the campaign by clicking on Script Required. This will take you to: 

Enter a Script Name. Keep it simple and direct. “ROBOCALL” works well in this case and has already been entered.

Click Continue, and you’ll find yourself at the following page, where you will click Discard and Continue.

Which will take you to the following page:

Here, you have two things to do:

1- Decide if you want to play your message to Live Answers (live person on other end of phone), and/or Answering machines. Decide by checking the appropriate box(es).

2- When done deciding, click Convert to Autocall, which will take you to the following:

Here, you’ll see the red Please Upload an Intro Recording. This means no recording has been uploaded. In the above example notice that Browse has already been used to locate an audio recording.

Once you locate the audio file you want to use, click “Upload”. After a few seconds, the audio will load, and you will be presented the next page:

The audio has been loaded and this event timestamped. 
NOTE: You can replace any uploaded recording by Browsing and Uploading a new audio file. The old recording will be completely overwritten.

Next click “Campaigns” at the top of the page, where you’ll be directed back to the Campaigns List Page:

Notice that your script “ROBOCALL” now appears.

Upload the Calling List.
(a.k.a. Data list, Phone list)
The next step is going to be uploading your Call List.  To add the Call List, you will first need to decide on a format. There are three choices:

1. Victory VoIP (see below screen-shot)
2. Wildfire
3. Voter Vault Survey Format (what the RNC uses)
All of these can be loaded as .XLS, or .CSV files (.CSV is a faster upload).

NOTE: Not all of the columns need to be populated, except for the Phone column. Here, you must use a 10 digit phone number.  Any standard phone format will work: (216) 555-1234, 2165551234, 216-555-1234, etc.

Regardless of the three data formats you choose, the method of upload is the same. In this example, we will continue to use the Victory VoIP format.  Starting from the Campaigns List Page. 

Once your file is selected click the upload and then it will show you how many numbers have been added. 

The above shows actual results: 22919 records were attempted and after automatically removing duplicates, and improperly formatted numbers, 22033 were successfully uploaded. 

Test The Campaign:
When done, you are now ready to test what you have done.  Return to the Campaigns List Page and click on your campaign.

In this case:
(#1) Joe
Schmo for
Cong 7/30 BBQ

Start by confirming all of the inputs have taken place correctly:
• No red should appear in the top row (Campaign, Script, Phone List). If there is, go back and add that data.
• Caller ID.
• Timezone.

If you change Caller ID or Timezone, MAKE SURE TO click on “Save/Update Campaign” to lock in your changes.

(This is your opportunity to listen to what your audience will hear)

• Enter your phone number with area code in the Test Numbers box then click on “Update Test Numbers.”

• Next click on “Send Test Call.” After a moment, your phone will ring.

• Answer it as you would normally, and the recording should start.

• Listen to the entire message before hanging up.

Once you are certain everything is as you expect, click Start Robocall to execute the campaign. After the first pass is complete, it is a good idea to “Re-Run Busy/Failed Calls” twice, followed by Re-Call No Answers.  For best results, allow some time to elapse between runs.  Below is what an active Robocall looks like. Note the red *Robocall active*. This means calls are taking place. IF AT ANY TIME, YOU WANT TO STOP MAKING NEW CALLS, hit [Stop Now].

When you do this, no new calls will be placed, however calls in progress will not be interrupted. As a result, *Robocall active* may remain on for close to a minute in some cases.


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