Setting up Victory VoIP

Before contacting Technical Support contact your Consultant

Make sure the Internet connection you are going to use is actually working.

Plug a PC/Laptop into that hard wired connection and go to a site like Drudge or CNN, something that refreshes on a constant basis. This is to ensure you are not accessing cached web site data save in your browser.

If you do not have a computer to test with, or if your computer does not have an Ethernet connection to plug in with. Get a computer on site that has an Ethernet. Without this, you can never ensure the Internet port you are using is functioning properly.
Know your location.

Locations like Universities, Banks, Hospitals, and some Hotels have very secure fire-walling. If you choose a secured location for set up, please make sure you schedule with the local IT staff along with your consultant a time to set the system up.

Additional IT information for the set up can be found on

Network Hardware

Please identify and have access to your network hardware. This include Modems and Routers. If you have questions on what devices are what, have a smart phone available with a camera and email to take photos of the set up, this includes any manufacturer data and lights of each device. Also include photos of the cabling. This can help your Consultant help get the unit online quicker if they are setting this up remotely. 
Settting up Victory VoIP

HQ Unit:

After you have ensured the network in functioning properly, take the cable out of your laptop and plug it into the back of the system. Then take the orange power cord and plug in the power. The unit take around 1 minute to fully boot up. Contact your Consultant for additional access to the web site.

Then run all the Ethernet cords plugging one end into any of the 1-24 ports on the switch inside the box.

Take the other end and plug it into the LAN Port on the back of the phone.


CE Units:
Check the Internet connection you are going to be using for the system.  Take one of the cables provided and plug one end into your Modem or Wireless Router, take the other end and plug it into a Laptop.  Make sure you can get online try going to to make sure you have an Internet connection.

Once you are sure take the cable out of your laptop and plug it into the little black box attached to the main phone.  It will plug into the ETH1 Port.

Then you can plug in the Power for the little black box and the phone (The phone and server do have there own power supplies)

Next we need to connect the phones together.  From the main phone (with the little black box).  Take one of the Ethernet cables provided and plug one end into the PC Port on the phone.

Take the other end and plug into the LAN Port, then we can power up that second phone.

Then plug in the power for the phone and it will start its boot process.


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Al Melvin

State Senator (R)
Arizona LD26

Thanks a million! Your system was our secret weapon and a vital part of our upset victory!

Constantin Querard, President

Discessio, LLC (
Phoenix, AZ

The Victory VOIP System was a critical component in many of our races, and a major reason we won so many races in such a tough year for Republicans.

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