Creating a Volunteer

Creating a Volunteer on Victory VoIP

1) First you want to click the volunteer tab at the top of the webpage, Then click Add New Volunteer.

2) On this Page you will need to assign a pin number, this is for logging into the telephone to make phone calls everybody needs to have one even if they are not making calls. Also the Volunteers first and last name. Then click Add User. The Volunteer is now set up to make phone calls.

3) If the Volunteer will need web access you will want to click the Volunteers tab and find and click on there name in the list of Volunteers list.

4) On this page we need to assign the Volunteer a VV Website Username (We do first initial of there first name and there last name all lowercase.)

5) Then we want to set the security for the user the following are the selection of Security Levels and what each one can do.

Report Only User-This user can only log into the website to Run Reports.
Standard User-This user can run Reports, as well as create new Users to make calls on the system.
Upgraded User-This user can Run Reports, Create New Users, and also make Calling Campaigns and Robo-Call Campaigns.
Auto Survey User-This user can Run Reports, Create new Users, create Call Campaigns Robo-Calls and Auto-Survey Campaigns.

6) Once you have all that info set click on Update User Info.  When the person goes to login they must put there Username and leave the password field blank and it will prompt you to create your password then login with your username and password.

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Thanks a million! Your system was our secret weapon and a vital part of our upset victory!

Larry Ward,

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