How to Clone a Campaign

How to Clone a Campaign.

1. First click on the name of the campaign you want to copy.

2. In the middle of the page you want to click Save Archive File To My Computer.

3. It is going to download a .xml file to your computer. Remember where you saved it.

4. Then go back to the main campaign page.

5. Click Add New Campaign.

6. Then go to Option 2 at the top and click Import a Calling Campaign Archive File.  Click Choose file and find the .xml file we downloaded.

7. Then click Import Calling Campaign.

8. You will need to click on the Campaign Number under Campaign Name column and Name the Campaign then click on Save/Update Campaign to save your changes.

9. If the original campaign had jumps set up on the script we will have to set those jumps back up on the new Cloned Campaign.

10. Just click on the new Script Name.

11. Then click Edit for the question you want to add a jump to.

12. Then Click Save Question.

13.  and your choices will show up and you can use the drop down box to set the correct question to jump to next.

14. Do that for each question and make sure they are exactly how you want them to show up on the phones after the first call goes out you can not edit a script you will have to clone the campaign again.


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