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Technical: IT Network Information

1) The systems is an Linux based outbound phone dialing system.

2) The system relies on DHCP addressing for it's Internet access.

3) Phones are connected directly to the System and will be Firewalled from the rest of your Network.

4) The system provides its own NAT/PAT Tables and Firewalling functionality for any object connected behind it's public side.

5) The system requires 3 TCP ports... TCP 4569 for outbound voice. TCP 22 for outbound remote system management. TCP 222 for redundant remote system management link.

6) Proxy access-list restrictions: Open ‘outside’ address of the server that can only communicate to the Default Gateway provided by IT, on the three ports specified above. - See more at:

Minimum Internet Speed Requirements

Candidate Edition with 5 phones
269.68 Kbps or 0.26 Mbps

Candidate Edition with 8 phones
413.68 Kbps or 0.4 Mbps

Head Quarters Unit with 10 phones
509.68 Kbps or 0.5 Mbps

Head Quarters Unit with 15 phones
749.68 Kbps or 0.73 Mbps

Hear Quarters Unit with 20 phones
989.68 Kbps or 0.97 Mbps

Head Quarters Unit with 25 phones
1229.68 Kbps or 1.2 Mbps

Head Quarters Unit with 30 phones
1469.68 Kbps or 1.44 Mbps

RoboCall with estimated 10k calls per hour
1629.68 Kbps or 1.59 Mbps

Please keep in mind that streaming House of Cards, Skype Video Calls, or Torrenting files can greatly reduce your internet speed and may cause sound quality issues.

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