Returning Equipment

Download HQ Packing Instructions.

Download CE Packing Instructions.

1) Repack equipment properly. Use original packing materials. See above links.

2) Create a Shipping Label, using below form. (Read the following bullets, first)

        A. Enter the Address you are shipping FROM.

        B. Enter YOUR Phone Number only your ten digit phone number no spaces or dashes. and Email (used only for shipping)

        C. Choose applicable item from the “Product” drop down.  Descriptions of each below the form.

        D. Click “Get Label”

        E. Repeat the above if you have additional packages... Additional windows will open with a preview of your label and you can print from there.

        G. Print your Shipping Labels.  Email your tracking number so we can keep track of returns.  Also it is a good idea to keep a copy of your tracking numbers in your records.

        H. Apply Labels to packages. USE LUGGAGE TAGS IF POSSIBLE you can get a Luggage Tag from UPS when you drop off your equipment.

        I. If you wish, to have the equipment picked up by UPS select "1 UPS Pickup Attempt" under Shipment.  Someone will need to be onsite to hand over packages to the UPS. The driver will bring labels for the equipment. Make sure to do this for each package you have to return.

        J.  If you do not have a printer you can select "Direct To Mobile Returns Email."  It will email you a QR Code you can take to UPS and they will scan the code an print the labels for you.

        K.  The last option you can make your lables and print them off and then drop the equipment off at a UPS location.

L. If you do not have your orginal packing you will need to make sure the phones are packed so they will not get damaged. Select Small or Large box from the drop down option to ship back.

Please click here to create your labels.

Description of Equipment.

HQ Unit

CE 5

CE 8

LG Phone Box

SM Phone Box



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