Victory VoIP Reports

How to run reports
There are many different Reports you can run on the system. You can run a total usage report to check your minutes or to see how many you have used total on the system. You can run usage reports for each individual campaign. A Volunteer Report will show you total calls made, total responses Volunteers have gotten, will show how many times they completed a script and how many people partially answered, and how many voice mails they have left, all broken down be each Individual Volunteer.

How to run a usage report.
  1. First you want to click the usage tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Then enter the dates you wish to run the Report through. Then click Run Report.
  3. It will show how many minutes you have used in the dates you have entered.

How to run a Volunteer Report.
A Volunteer Report can be used to track the individual success gauge performance, access the Volunteer Report by one of two ways
  1. Click on the Reports option in the top navigation bar. On the next page click on the Run Volunteer Report link
  2. From the Campaigns list page, click on Generate Report from any of the Campaigns listed. On the Next page click the Run Volunteer Report link.
  3. From here choose the desired date range, then click the Run Report button. On the next screen all data for each Volunteer will be displayed for the date range selected.

How to generate a Report for a Calling Campaign.
  1. On the main Campaign Page find the Campaign you want to generate a Report for and click Generate Report.
  2. Then enter the dates and time you wish to run the Report through and click Run Report.
  3. On the next screen it will break down all of the calls made and also show the percentages of the responses to your questions.
  4. You can now Download the Reports as a .csv file by selecting the format of your choice

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Al Melvin

State Senator (R)
Arizona LD26

Thanks a million! Your system was our secret weapon and a vital part of our upset victory!

Constantin Querard, President

Discessio, LLC (
Phoenix, AZ

The Victory VOIP System was a critical component in many of our races, and a major reason we won so many races in such a tough year for Republicans.

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